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Textile Designer

I’ve always followed my heart and it’s gotten me this far. I’m highly intuitive and draw inspiration from the world around me. I’ve tried to get involved in a variety of projects, all of which have somehow become part of my ongoing creative journey.

For prj 3 etching of flowers with filter.jpg
For prj 3 etching of flowers with filter with more miss.jpg
Knit PRJ_3 More Miss Design.jpg
Knit PRJ_3 More Lace Design.jpg
Knit PRJ_3 More Zigzag Design.jpg
PRJ_2 Nr 1 Horse B ombre with stripe.jpg
Jacq PRJ_3 Inspiration Sketches A.jpg
A Jacq PRJ_2&3 blue and pink and coord A.jpg
A Jacq PRJ_2&3 blue and pink and coord B.jpg
A Jacq PRJ_2&3 blue and pink and coord C.jpg
A Jacq PRJ_2&3 blue and pink and coord D.jpg
RucinskaitePr_Project 1_ ABSTRACT NR1 Pink White.jpg
Laby board Draft 1.jpg
Laby board Draft 3.jpg
Laby board Draft 5.jpg
Laby board Draft 2.jpg
Laby board Draft 4.jpg
Laby board Draft 6.jpg
Sigita_Projec_1 Laby Page 1.jpg
Sigita_Projec_1 Laby Page 2.jpg
Project_3 DigitalBoard 1 all 8.jpg
Project_3 DigitalBoard 2 and Mapping.jpg
Project_3 DigitalBoard Colorways.jpg
Project_3 DigitalBoard Mapping.jpg
IMG-6025 (1).jpg
Papergoods (1).jpg
For Wallpaper better.jpg
Big Hallway wall with wallpaper.jpg
Wallpaper mapping in a bathroom.jpg
RucinskaitePr_TD 357_Bathroom.jpg
RucinskaitePr_TD 357_Bathroom Mapping.jpg
TabeleRunnerNapkinCoaster Spring 2021.jpg
Sigita RP TD 357 TableRunnerMoodboard etc.jpg
Dishtowel B.jpg
IMG-8324 (1).jpg
Ace Hotel pdfs on one board NOT TO SCALE for pres.jpg
RucinskaitePr_Sigita_TD452_Pr2 Rug with color chips Upstate.jpg
A Home PRJ_4 2A Artwork Design Page.jpg
A Home PRJ_4 3A Inspr Color.jpg
A Home PRJ_4 CAD Mapping.jpg
A Home PRJ_4 Engrv DUVET Page.jpg
A Home PRJ_4 DEC PILLOW page.jpg
A Home PRJ_4 THROW BLANKET page.jpg
A Home PRJ_4 Duvet page.jpg
A Home PRJ_4 Engrv Dec Pillow Page.jpg
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